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Wedding Baskets & Bags!

We love celebrating weddings with you! Oh Goodie offers a wide variety of wedding lines:

Reception Refresher Baskets

Gift Baskets filled with essential toiletries to keep your guests fresh

in the restroom so that they can hit the dance floor squeaky clean!

Bridal Shower Gift Baskets

Choose a theme, budget, and Oh Goodie takes care of the rest. Each gift basket

is themed and includes a customized gift tag that lists the gift basket's contents.

Bridal Party/Groomsmen Gifts

Celebrate your most loved friends and family members that you chose to stand

by your side on your big day with customized gifts from the heart. Oh Goodie curates

the perfect gifts from local small businesses to show how much you care.

Welcome Bags

Showcase our city by welcoming your wedding guests with personalized gift bags

when they arrive at their hotel. Gift bags can be wedding-themed, include

His & Her Favorite treats, and contain helpful information about the neighboring sights

to see, places to eat, and how to get around.

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