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Our pricing starts at $5 for our Essentials line. For $5.00 you get a high quality bag, tastefully matching your theme or colors. We consult with you and discuss the items you would like to include to create an age appropriate bag. We pay special attention to detail and fully assemble all items including tying hand crafted tags to each bag with guest names.

The Fanfare and Premier lines include items especially made with guest names, such as a stenciled canvas bag or bracelet with your guests’ names. Additionally, each Fanfare and Premier bag will be made to match each recipient’s age. You also get higher quality items such as a canvas bag or bottle cap necklace.

You never pay shipping or have to order more items than you want with Oh Goodie! Large online competitors and catalogue party favor retailers offer favor packs of eight or twelve, they are unassembled, without personalization and PAID shipping!

One online competitor for example offers a themed bag but the items are low quality. Again there is shipping and assembly required. If you want your guest names on them, you will be doing that on your own. Order your bags from Oh Goodie and let us take care of all the details for less money.

Another large online retailer offers a goodie bag that is a cheap looking plastic bag and they don't specify what eight items you will receive in your shipment. The contents may look fine in the picture, but who knows what you’ll get. One of the eight items may be a single sticker. In light of shipping charges you will get a higher quality Oh Goodie bag with nicer contents at the same cost.

We are a local small business, and we put the work personally into your party versus a large scale company taking your order. We like some of the items from the mentioned retailers. You may even find the cute items in your guest’s bag. However we pay special attention to detail. We care about your party and will be more creative presenting each and every Goodie bag.

Oh Goodie $5 Essential

•A high quality paper bag or box with a premium scrapbook or cardstock paper personalized tag tied with ribbon

•Stickers to match theme (if kids party)


•At least 3 themed items

Catalog Retailer

Example: Dr. Seuss Party Favor Box $4.99 plus shipping (assembly is required)

•Foldable box

•One Dr. Seuss sticker sheet

•One Dr. Seuss blowout

•One Dr. Seuss little book

•Dr. Seuss bounce ball

•8 crayons

•Mini rainbow spiral lollipop

Large Scale Online Company

$4.00 plus shipping

Example: Zoo Animal Filled Treat Bag. Each plastic treat bag contains 8 items. Bag, 9 1/2" x 6 1/2". Assortment may vary.

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